Contract Management

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SupplierSoft on-Demand Contract Management solution provides companies a central repository for creating, managing and renewing contracts for global organizations.  Ease-of-use, global performance and multi-lingual capabilities ensures rapid adoption across all geographies.

  • Centralized contract repository with search capabilities: All contracts are centrally stored in one location for ease of management. Powerful search capabilities enable users to search for specific and similar contracts.
  • Standardized contracts:  Standardized contract word document templates enable rapid creation of new contracts with appropriate language, terms and conditions, thereby reducing the risk and approval cycle times.
  • Configurable contract terms: Contract terms such as payment terms, SLAs, warranties, expiration date or any other terms can be configured easily and merged into standardized contract templates.
  • Configurable review and approval processes:  Contracts can be routed for approval across various functional departments such as procurement, finance, sales and legal.
  • Electronic signatures: Electronic signatures eliminate the need to print and scan documents, reducing the contract cycle times.

  • Expiration based reminders: Expiration based reminders enable companies to make sure that critical contracts are renewed, while ensuring that contracts with automated renewals are reviewed before they automatically renew. 
  • Configurable dashboards and reports:  In addition to standard dashboards and reports that highlight the status of various contracts, contract terms and contract expiration dates, configurable contract management dashboards and reports enable business users to create personalized dashboards and reports with a few mouse clicks – all without IT involvement
  • Contact management: Supplier and customer contacts can be tracked along with expiration driven reminders.
  • Outlook/Notes integration:  Full integration with Outlook/Notes ensures that desk top is always in sync with the system. Entire communication history can be searched through, providing visibility into past interactions.
  • Ease of use: A Web 2.0 user interface eases user adoption.
  • Global performance: The system has superb performance across all geographies for global users.
  • Multi-lingual: The system is enabled for translation in any language and can be easily translated into any language, improving user adoption.