Supplier Performance/Scorecard Management

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SupplierSoft provides a comprehensive Supplier Performance/Scorecard Management solution that enables companies to define, measure and monitor supplier performance across multiple functional departments.  The key capabilities of the solution include:
  • Configurable scorecard template: Configurable dimensions of supplier performance management such as on-time delivery, quality, cost, technology, business alignment and responsiveness can be defined. Within each of these dimensions, a set of rating measures can be defined, each with a different score and weight.
  • Audit key

  • Back-end Integration: Data that typically resides in back-end systems such as on-time delivery can be integrated into scorecard management. 
  • Automatic Roll-ups: The solution rolls up score based upon the configurable scorecard definition. Absolute and percentage scores are provided. 
  • Internal Surveys: Internal users can be surveyed to provide supplier ratings for various measures. These results can be rolled up to provide a supplier score for that measure. 
  • Supplier self-service: Suppliers can review their current and past performance through self-service.
  • Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA): Closed loop CAPA ensures that any performance issues that require corrective and preventive actions are tracked and monitored to closure.
  • Scorecard dashboards and reports: Configurable scorecard dashboards
    and reports provide visibility into the status of current and
    historical trends into supplier performance.
  • Configurable scorecard approvals: Dynamic approval routing provide you full flexibility in defining the approval process for a scorecard.
  • Expiration driven reminders:  Expiration driven reminders ensure that scorecards and corrective actions are completed in a timely fashion.
  • Outlook/Notes integration:  E-mails, including
    mass communications can be sent through the system, keeping an audit
    trail of all communication with suppliers. Outlook/Notes integration
    ensures that contacts, calendar, tasks and e-mails stay synchronized.
    This ensures that all critical communication about a supplier is
    available in one central place.
  • Notes, documents and search:  Notes and supporting
    documents can be attached to an individual scorecard. Documents common
    across all suppliers such as scorecard criteria can be shared with the
    suppliers. Entire communication history can be searched through,
    providing visibility into past interactions.
  • Ease of use: A Web 2.0 user interface eases supplier adoption.
  • On-Demand: Web based subscription service with no software to install and a thirty day free trial.