Platform Features

Key features enabled by the platform include:

  • Configuration tools let you configure the application to meet your needs, including supplier attributes, new custom objects, workflow rules, security settings, screen layouts and e-mail templates for communication with suppliers. All without writing a single line of customization code.
  • Configurable dashboards and reporting framework enables business users to analyze supplier information with just a few mouse clicks. Dashboards provide rich visualization of the supplier information.
  • Out-of-box Outlook/Notes integration synchronizes your calendar, tasks, events and e-mail, providing central visibility into supplier communication – both to you and your suppliers.
  • Multi-language ready to help you work with international suppliers.
  • Web services based integration framework and standard connectors help you connect to your back-end systems ERP systems such as SAP/Oracle and PLM systems such as Agile and MatrixOne.
  • Web services based API enables you to build add-on client applications that access and manipulate additional data.
  • Rich security model which provides fine grained control over how data is viewed by different internal and external users.
  • Workflow (business) rules that enable you to define configurable tasks and e-mail alerts based on changes to your supplier data.
  • Sandbox capabilities enable you to have mirror copy of production system where you can test new changes before deploying them to production.