Environmental (RoHS/REACH) Compliance Sofware

SupplierSoft Environmental Compliance Management system delivers the following benefits to manufacturing companies:

  • Reduce the cost of compliance: Elimination of manual processes associated with managing compliance towards RoHS, REACH and other regulations.
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance: Automated processes reduce chances of errors, reducing the risk of non-compliance and recalls.
  • Reduce risk of time-to-market delays: Automated processes accelerate the task of product compliance, ensuring that compliance management does not become a risk factor in getting the products to market.
  • Improve supplier quality: Automated processes and reporting highlight deficiencies in supplier base relating to compliance management, which provides insights to how suppliers manage their business processes that impact the component quality. 
  • Market compliance as a differentiator: As companies compete in a global environment, compliance management is increasing becoming a differentiator.